Welcome to the Cure for AIDS Report or Cure Report


cure logo 2We are so excited to welcome you to the Cure Report! the official announcement of the creation of the Cure For AIDS Coalition on November 4, 2013  during the, What Will It Take to Achieve an AIDS Free Generation conference in San Francisco, California hosted by Cell and The Lancet.

We sat down to discuss how we could best help the effort to find a Cure for AIDS, we felt it was most important that it be a community-based initiative and accessible to everyone around the world.

We wanted to create  global resources and tools to help inform the HIV and AIDS, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning), medical, scientific, global governments, stakeholders and global citizens of breaking news and advancements surrounding the search for a Cure for AIDS.

It needed to be  informative,  inspirational and completely accurate, after all  spreading false hope is not part of our mission.  After much discussion and soul searching, we are now launching what we are calling, the Cure for AIDS Report or Cure Report. The Cure for AIDS Report is the first major project of the Cure For AIDS Coalition.  We have poured our hearts and our souls into this project, and we are committed to helping end this dreaded disease once and for all!

The Cure For AIDS Coalition seeks to unite, educate, raise awareness and advocate for full funding for a Cure for AIDS. The Cure For AIDS Coalition will be made up of a global network of front-line organizations, corporations, institutions, governments, foundations and individuals all dedicated in the effort of finding a cure for AIDS (HIV).  It will be the first of its kind in the now 35-year history of AIDS. 

But our success is dependent on all of us working together, putting away petty territorial, headline grabbing ego based behavior.  We have to go back to what launched the AIDS movement back in the early 1980’s.  Teamwork with one single goal in mind, ending this dreaded disease that has taken millions of our brothers, sisters and friends and loved ones and has affected so many millions more.

Most experts and world leaders would agree that every HIV and AIDS cure-related study, meeting, symposium and expert round table around the world is a direct result of the case of the Berlin Patient’s will to survive.  Just over a year ago, Dr, Gero Huetter, the doctor responsible for the first cure for HIV, told the Berlin Patient for the first time that he honestly only gave him about a 5% chance of survival.

Vials and vials of the Berlin Patient’s blood and tissue have been  spread out in laboratories all around the world. If they only knew how many pokes, prodding, surgeries and pain he endured so they could know him intimately, perhaps they would at least offer to buy him dinner.  But he says it’s all worth it in the spirit of finding a Cure for AIDS, in fact, he says he  would do it all again, except perhaps the colonoscopies and spinal taps.  He exclaims, that those things hurt!

The Cure for AIDS Report and the Cure For AIDS Coalition is the main focus as we move forward in the global effort to find a Cure for AIDS. 

We know in our heart and soul that the Berlin Patient will not be the only one Cured of AIDS and we are dedicating our time and energy toward this journey and expedition. A Cure for AIDS for everyone – around the world.


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