Dianabol (Dbol)

It makes you big in very limited time. It makes you feel great.

It makes you stronger. It’s cheap. You can get yourself pharmaceutical grade without breaking a sweat. 

And it’s least likely to be counterfeited due to the easy availability.

What’s stopping you from using Dianabol?

Dianabol is hands down the most popular oral steroid in the world.

Almost anyone who’s ever decided or even thought about doing anabolics has probably thought of the big D.

But it’s not a drug for everybody. We’ll tell you that.

The risk of gyno is real with Dianabol. And if you are a newbie, the risk is even bigger because you will probably be unsure of dialing in your E2 levels.

By the time you do, you’ll have a neat pair of tits to show off.

Most importantly, if you are not diligent with your eating and your lifts, you will most likely end up losing all the gains that you make on the cycle.

If you were wondering whether Dianabol was worth the risk, then here’s an unbiased guide to help you decide.

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What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is an orally active form of Testosterone that was created solely for a performance enhancement setting.

US athletes needed a shot in the arm to stand neck-to-neck against steroid-infused soviet monsters who were running amok in the world sporting arena.

Dianabol or the pink pills, gave the guys the wings they needed. They crushed the soviets. And D’bol achieved mythical status overnight.

At its peak, it was ubiquitous in the world of bodybuilding. Almost anyone who was doing steroids was doing Dianabol.

But as more was revealed about its possible side effects, abuse with Dianabol reduced to a great extent and the usage today is more judicious.

There will still be the 17-year-old kid who’ll hop on a Dianabol-only cycle to bulk up for his next beach holiday. And end up with bitch tits and a moon face.

But the general bodybuilding population is more aware of the potential risks that come with Dianabol.

Almost forgot to mention that it is a 17C-AA oral steroid and there are two structural modifications to the testosterone hormone that make it so potent.

The results of a Dianabol cycle

If we were to sum it up in one word, ‘Bulk’!

dianabol (dbol) results before and after

We would have written ‘Mass’ instead. But ‘Mass’ can mislead you into believing that you will gain lean muscle mass like what you gain in a Testosterone cycle.  

Not even close.


Most users will gain up to 20 lbs. in about a month’s time on their first Dianabol cycle. The results are unlike anything that you will ever get with anabolic steroids. You just keep growing every day. But, a lot of the weight that you gain will be water and some of it will be fat. A wee bit of it will also be muscle. It’s not uncommon for people to lose up to 10-15 lbs. of weight once they discontinue Dianabol. Hence, Dianabol is often used these days along with another mass gaining steroid, like Trenbolone or Testosterone only during the first few weeks of the cycle.


Imagine gaining so much of weight in such a short time frame. The strength gains are even more dramatic. You can just keep adding a few plates to the bar on each set without getting fatigued. But this freakish strength gains can lead to injury if you aren’t careful with it. That’s why it is recommended that you opt for AAS only after you have lifted for a few years and have a solid foundation to build on.

Feel good steroid:

Dianabol will make you feel great. Let us rephrase that. It will make you feel superhuman. The euphoria extends till the time you run the steroid. And this, clubbed with the dramatic bulking capabilities make this one of the most popular steroids of all times.

buy dianabol (dbol)

The risks of running Dianabol

Before you hop on to a Dianabol cycle, it is extremely important for you to have a PCT protocol planned.

You will mostly be using an aromatase inhibitor throughout the cycle to prevent Dianabol from aromatizing.

 Also, you will have to keep an eye on your lipids and your blood pressure.


The risk of gynecomastia is amplified when you use Dianabol partly because the dramatic weight gain can sometimes mask the symptoms to an extent. A newbie steroid user might not realize when the nipples become overly sensitive or a tiny lump forms behind it. Use an AI. And keep an eye out for the signs of gyno. Even the slightest sensitivity in your breasts must not be ignored.


The irony is that when you add an AI to control E2 levels, it automatically trashes your lipids. Do a bloodwork before starting cycle. Ensure that your lipids are within normal range. Do a bloodwork again after cycle. Supplement with fish oils and any OTC lipid supplement if possible.

High BP:

By using an AI, you can control the bloat to an extent. But you cannot avoid it. Dianabol will cause your body to hold on to water. That’s unavoidable. Keep an eye on your sodium intake. And measure your blood pressure regularly.


It goes without saying that Dianabol will shut you down within a week or two. So, rather than struggling through your cycle with low test, it’s better that you add a source of exogenous test and double your gains. Also, you are more likely to retain some of the gains made with testosterone after your PCT.

It goes without saying that Dianabol will shut you down within a week or two. So, rather than struggling through your cycle with low test, it’s better that you add a source of exogenous test and double your gains. Also, you are more likely to retain some of the gains made with testosterone after your PCT.

Liver toxicity:

17CAA orals will mess up your liver values. Use TUDCA throughout the cycle and ensure that you stay away from the bottle.

Hair Loss:

Dianabol can trigger severe hair loss in some users. Not everybody who uses it will experience this side effect mind you.

side effects of dianabol (dbol)

Dianabol Dosage

Despite what you’ve read on the internet, start with a very low dose of Dianabol and see how your body reacts to it.

Even 15mg/day in one single pre-workout dose should be fine.

You can increase it to 25-30mg/day, from the third week of the cycle if you don’t experience too many sides and are getting good results from the low dose.  

Seasoned Dianabol users who know how to control their E2 levels to the T, can use up to 50mg/day without too many side effects.

Closing thoughts

As we said at the beginning, this isnt a steroid for everyone.

Yet, it’s one of the best kick starters for a cycle.

And if you are looking to put on some serious weight in a short time frame, there’s no better choice.

Keep an eye on the sides and use an AI throughout the cycle. You should come out of it with a great experience from using the Big D.

Dianabol (Dbol) Review
  • Muscle Mass Gains
  • Strength Gains
  • Sense of Well Being

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