Masteron (Drostanolone)

We hate half-baked information as much as you do, especially when it’s about anabolic androgenic compounds.

Just the other day, we were reading about Masteron on a leading steroid portal.

And much to our dismay, they ranted at length about how it is a pre-contest steroid at best.

Anyone who believes that Masteron can only be added to a stack for the finishing touch that it provides to the physique is grossly misinformed.

True, the ‘cosmetic hardening’ effect is one of the positives of Mast.

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It’s by far not the only reason why you must consider adding it to your stack though.

Masteron is an amazing compound that ‘should’ ideally be a part of every steroid stack because it has innate qualities that are incomparable to any compound.  

In fact, many seasoned professionals add Masteron to the stack purely for its mood/well-being enhancing properties.

Oh yes, if you feel like shit while you are on Trenbolone or Test, then adding Mast to the mix fixes a lot of those problems.

Here’s the lowdown on this very versatile steroid.

Masteron: An overview

Masteron or Drostanolone was created as early as 1959 by Syntex Laboratories. But for some reason, it was put on the backburner as one of Syntex’s newer products called ‘Anavar’ became a runaway success.

But once it hit the market in 1970, Masteron’s popularity rose dramatically as a potential therapeutic aid for the treatment of Breast Cancer in post-menopausal women.

It continued to be used for breast cancer treatment for almost twenty years until it was phased out in favor of safer and more effective therapies.

It is a DHT-derived steroid that can either have the long, slow acting ester called ‘Propionate’ or the short, faster-acting ester called ‘Enanthate’ attached to it, which controls the rate at which the steroid is released into the blood stream.

It is believed that Masteron was introduced into bodybuilding circuits during the golden age primarily as a cutting steroid. But its popularity skyrocketed due to its anti-estrogenic properties.

Adding Mast to any steroidal cycle with a potential risk of estrogenic sides allows users to control the side effects as effectively as adding Nolvadex or other anti-estrogens do.  

The results in a Masteron Cycle

masteron results before and after

Despite having a reasonably good anabolic to androgenic ratio on paper (130:24), Masteron is rarely used as a base steroid in a standalone cycle.

It is always clubbed with other strong androgens, like testosterone or Trenbolone, particularly in a bulking cycle.

In a cutting cycle, it can be clubbed with any steroid that helps users prevent lean muscle mass.

Here are some of the results that Mast will give you.


Masteron is often added to a bulking cycle, or to an off-seasons cycle to control the estrogenic side effects. It is considered as one of the only steroids that can help prevent gynecomastia since it acts pretty much like a SERM. It also helps reduce water retention and makes your muscle look hard and fibrous. Now, there’s a common misconception doing the rounds that adding Mast prevents the need for a strong AI. If you are prone to Estrogenic side effects, then doing any bulk cycle without a strong AI would be hara-kiri. Mast will only mask the sides. Not lower Estrogen levels per se.

The Contest Prep look:

If you have very low body fat levels to begin with (below 10%), then a small 4-6-week cycle with Mast will really make those veins pop out and those muscles look granite-hard. Along with Proviron, it is one of the most popular steroids for the aesthetic look.

Strength gains:

You will be like Popeye on Spinach while you are on Mast. The strength gains are pretty insane, especially if it’s the first-time you are on the drug. This is another reason why Mast is added to cutting cycles. Imagine trying to lift like you’ve never done before when you are eating in a calorie deficit.

Mental well-being:

People react in different ways to anabolic steroids. But when you have a high concentration of powerful androgens cruising through your system, it can make you feel like shit at times. Sleeplessness, aggression, hot flashes, like we said, it depends on the individual. Masteron gives you a feeling of well-being. You just feel good while you are on it. That’s anecdotal evidence, of course. The exact science behind it is unknown.


Masteron will boost your libido. Not as high as Proviron though. So, if you are experiencing libido related sides while using Test or Deca Durabolin, here’s a solution.

The side effects of Masteron

side effects of masteron

If one were to go by the anabolic: androgenic ratio while deciding on what steroid to use, then Masteron would be the one that you’d love to buy. That’s cause the numbers couldn’t be more misleading.  

Make no mistake, this is a DHT-based steroid and androgenic sides are a given, particularly if you are sensitive towards it.

  • Hair loss: If you have thinning hair to begin with, then Mast will accelerate the shedding. Even otherwise, Mast is considered to be harsh on the hairline.
  • Acne: Get ready for the worst (b)acne of your life. Once again this seems to be individualistic. Some people get random breakouts all over the body while others do not even get one pimple. If you experience acne, then reduce the dose of Mast for a couple of days and see if the breakouts taper off.
  • Virilization: Women experience severe virilization even when they use low doses of Mast. So, it would be in the best interest to avoid it completely or use it purely as pre-contest in very low doses for a short cycle.
  • Cholesterol: Masteron can trash your lipids completely. If you have poor cholesterol levels then you should not use this steroid. But if your cholesterol levels are healthy enough to warrant steroid use, then you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and cholesterol management should be a part of it.
  • Suppression: Mast is extremely suppressive and hence it must be clubbed with an exogenous source of testosterone. Using it in a standalone cycle will shut you down by the third week.

Masteron dosage and stacks

buy masteron

If you are using Drostanolone Propionate, then one 100mg injection every other day suffices.

This amounts to a total weekly dose of 400 mg.

The enhanthate version can be injected every day with a weekly dose of 400mg being the upper limit.

Seasoned users increase this to 600mg/week with the typical cycle extending for 6-8 weeks.

To sum it up

 There you go. We hope that this helps you make an informed decision about the risk to reward ratio of adding Mast to a cycle.

By the way, the original Drostanolone Propionate formula manufactured by Syntex has been discontinued long ago. If you find a product being sold in UG labs with the Syntex brand name, it’s a counterfeit.

Masteron Review
  • Muscle Hardening
  • Strength Gains
  • Boosting Libido