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One of the biggest challenges that people face while looking to buy SARMS online is getting legitimate products.

SARMS that contain the product that’s printed on the label and not anything else.

For example, LGD-4033 containing LGD of at least 98% purity and not prohormones or some anabolic steroid.

Along with bunk gear, buyers also have to be wary about shady practices. There are many scam artists who take money and then just stop responding to emails.

While it was our policy to not discuss SARM sources on the website, after receiving numerous messages from our readers over the past month, we decided to do a comparison post of two extremely popular SARM suppliers.

SARMS1 vs eSARMS, here it goes.

sarms1 is a veteran in the industry.  The S1 brand has been around close to 10 years now.  Very established in the industry.

Their website was launched 10 years ago, they were our go-to guys for SARMS for a while.  And they have always had a solid reputation for selling legit products. Their SARMS are no different.

Having said that, there are a few things that we feel could be better with their new business model.


Sarms1 has a range of all popular SARMS. 8 of them to be more precise, which is a rarity. You can also choose from premade stacks for bulking, cutting and recomp. The products are packaged neatly in sterile, sealed strong-foil packs. However, the biggest letdown for us is that they only have capsules. No liquid SARMS. There are many who prefer caps over liquids. But we have always found that capsules tend to be a little under dosed.

Payment methods:

Sarms1 accepts wire transfers and Bitcoin. No credit card payments. Once you make a wire transfer to them, you need to upload a copy of the receipt online. Once confirmed, the order will be processed. Slightly cumbersome if you ask us. But it is much more private then using your credit card.

About Us:

Surprisingly, the about Us page is just a line or two of text that talks about the number of customers that they have catered to. We understand the need for discretion given the legal status of the products they sell. But why hide it from the rest of the world when you have a solid reputation? In fact, it would only reassure your buyers about the quality of the products that they are buying.


No phone number. Only an email based form. Having said that, they do respond to most emails and queries within 24 hours. So no complaints there.


They have a 72-hour order processing time and take 12-19-days to ship internationally, which is pretty much the standard time. But they haven’t mentioned anything about local shipping to the United States, which is surprising. Packages are shipped in discreet, brown envelopes.


SARMS1 is a good choice for newbie buyers. The prices are in-line with the best in the business, they have a good range of products to choose from. But their payment methods are a little cumbersome. Also, they only have capsules. If caps are what you prefer, then they are one of the best guys to source from.



We first came across Esarms while looking for an online store that sells Cardazol, M1-MK and other supplements….And we were pleasantly surprised to find liquid SARMS on their website.

The inventory was reasonably good; the prices were great. So we did a few test orders. That was six months ago.  Since then, we have been recommending them to just about anyone looking for a legit supplier of liquid SARMS.

The GW501516 that we bought from them was the best one that we’ve ever used. We even tested the batch at an independent lab. Was 99% pure cardarine gw.

Great deals:

eSARMS is one of the only websites that offers great deals on Sarms. For example, you can buy 2 and get 1 bottle free. Buy three and get two bottles for free and so on. If you are in it for the long run, then buying in bulk is the way to go. Allows you to save money and get all your SARMS from one batch. Consistent quality.

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ESarms has a decent range of Sarms to choose from. The only SARM that they don’t offer is S23. But that’s because it is extremely difficult to get quality S23 in the liquid form. Otherwise, their products come in convenient 30ml bottles with a dropper. You can easily dose it. The bottles are small enough to tuck into your tote. More importantly, the quality is way more superior than what many leading brands are selling.

Payment methods:

ESarms accepts card payments which is way more convenient than making wire transfers internationally. Also, to ensure that your privacy is maintained, the name doesn’t show up as Esarms in your card statement.  By the way, they also accept Bitcoin.


ESarms only ships their products to the United States, UK and Canada. So, if you are based in other countries, then Sarms1 might be a better bet. If you are ordering from the US, you can opt for priority shipping which delivers your products in 3-6 days. International shoppers outside the USA can choose priority international shipping which takes 15-19 days.

Contact methods:

Once again, no phone number or live chat. There’s just an email form. We have been contacting them over the past few months for pre-sales enquiries as well as shipment tracking. And they have always responded very fast! We also like their returns policy. If you receive a damaged shipment or aren’t happy with your product for some reason (clouded particles in the liquid, for example), then you can return the shipment within 3 days of receiving it for a full refund.


ESarms is one of the best SARMS suppliers in the world currently. Their prices are reasonable, product quality is top notch and they have an active support team that will assist you with your queries.

eSARMS Review
  • Great Deals
  • Card Payments Accepted
  • Liquid SARMS
  • 99% Pure SARMS

Closing thoughts

There you have it. If you are looking for great deals on capsules, then try Sarms1.

On the other hand, if you prefer liquids like us, then ESarms is the best bet.

Enjoy shopping!

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