Just the other day, we were reading this Reddit sub about a young guy on YK-11, who was adding 10-30 lbs. to his bench every time he was lifting.

That was a shocker. And a huge red flag!

Imagine adding 30 lbs. of weight to your bench every time you hit the gym.

Something sounds off there, doesn’t it?

But it’s posts like these that make gullible people want to try out stuff like YK-11 that hasn’t been tested on a live animal yet.

Also, there’s more to it than what meets the eye in that post.

  1. He was also using LGD-4033 along with ‘YK-11’, which explains ‘some’ of the strength gains. Not the freakish shit that he’d been experiencing though.
  2. He had no idea whether the stuff he was using was legitimate YK-11. It could well have been an AAS instead.

Nevertheless, seeing the responses that the Sub managed to generate and the interest that a lot of budding SARM users seem to have in the drug, here’s our two cents on YK-11, the newest kid on the SARMS block.



YK-11 is a partial Androgen receptor agonist which has a selective action on muscle and bone tissue cells. It was discovered by Yuichiro Kanno, a Japanese researcher in 2011 and he called it a potential anabolic SARM. However, there’s a keyword missing here.

YK-11 is a steroidal SARM, which means it is closer to being a steroid rather than a SARM. It’s a little tricky, the definition.

In this report, YK11 was shown to be an appropriate anabolic SARM. However, further investigation is required to elucidate the mechanisms of the differential activation of the Fst pathway by YK11 and DHT

PMID: 23995658

Most of the research papers surrounding the SARM are available in Japanese.

Apart from its purported benefits in helping improve lean muscle mass, YK-11 also helps to inhibit the action of DHT at specific sites in the body which might one day prove to be beneficial for treating hair loss.

It is also proven to improve the upregulation of follistatin, a myostatin antagonist. For the uninitiated, Myostatin is a protein that is like a control mechanism that stops our muscles from becoming too big. Think of it like your body’s in-built trigger that stops you from becoming the Incredible hulk.

By stopping the action of myostatin, YK-11 should definitely help increase lean muscle mass.

All these are theories though.

The only studies conducted on YK-11 are in-vitro on C2 C12 cells, which means the compound was injected on these cells on a slide under a microscope.

The only studies conducted on YK-11

The strongest SARM ever?

Now where have we heard that before? We guess it was for S23, a relatively new SARM that is being researched as a potential male contraceptive.

Just to clear the air, neither S23 nor YK-11 are the strongest SARMS in existence.

Instead, if any SARM had to get the crown of being the strongest, it has to be LGD-4033 or RAD140.

These SARMS have been used by thousands of athletes with great results. There are logs (anecdotal) to support their use with.

Unlike YK-11, the perks of which exist only in theory in a bunch of papers that are written in Japanese.

No offense to the japs intended. But why would you want to be the lab rat to test something that hasn’t even been tested on an actual rodent?

The supposed benefits of YK-11

Let’s for a moment agree that YK-11 can do what the research says about it.

What are the benefits of using the SARM?

Lean Muscle Mass:

If YK-11 would even come close to what the research suggests, then it has the potential to become one of the most potent mass building SARMS. That’s because it stimulates androgen receptors and also inhibits Myostatin. That’s a recipe for big muscles, right there. But does it also affect the prostate or other sexual organs? Being a partial agonist, it should leave the gonads alone. Only time will tell what research throws up in the years to come.

Fat Loss:

Any powerful androgen will automatically reduce the amount of fat that you carry. This is a result of the increased muscle mass as well as a slight increase in the metabolism.


Just like other potent SARMS, like LGD and RAD, you should experience a boost in strength when you are on YK-11.

Can you keep the gains when you stop using it?

That depends on the quality of gains that you make while you are on cycle and your approach to the PCT and post-cycle nutrition.

Eat clean, haul your lazy ass to the gym and try to lift as close as you can to your cycle days.

Throw in some MK-677 to ensure that you can retain most of it.

You should be fine.

How to run it

Let us reinstate what we already did.

There’s no research to support the use of YK-11 in humans. Why, we don’t even know whether it would work as theorized. And hence, we have no dosage to recommend.

We just don’t know how to use it.

There are many users who try to replicate conditions as close to the in-vitro study. They recommend using it as an intramuscular injection as it amplifies the effects and reduces the sides to a large extent.

But most users continue to use it orally.

What are the risks of running YK-11?

You really want to know the risks of running a compound that has only been researched under a microscope?

It’s rife with risks man.

But if you are asking about some of the potential side effects, here you go.

  • Suppression: YK-11 is a steroidal SARM. Some users even go to the extent of saying that it is in fact a steroid and not a SARM at all. And it can be extremely suppressive, which means that you should run it with test to be able to get any effects at all.

That’s what we know at the moment. Does it trash your lipids? Does it cause headaches? Water retention? We just don’t know.

yk-11 side effects and alternatives

An alternative to YK-11

Now we are talking.

How about LGD-4033, RAD-140, S4, MK-2866 or MK-677?

Pick any one of these and you have a safer alternative to YK-11.

YK-11 Review
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  • Strength Gains
  • Unknown Side Effects